​Shenzhen Summit Levitation Metallurgical S&T Limited

Shenzhen Summit Levitation Metallurgical R&D Institute

SUMMIT advantage in a number of high-quality management personnel, first-class R&D elite

Company Profile


Shenzhen Summit Levitation Metallurgical S&T Co., Ltd (SUMMIT) is a sole high-tech enterprise specializing in researching and manufacturing Levitation Metallurgical Equipment(also be called Vacuum Cold Crucible Induction Levitation Melting Furnace) in China, over 19years experiences in the field of Levitation Metallurgy since

1998, authorized with 12 patents, takes national leading and international advanced level.


Technical level: 

In the field of levitation metallurgy, our technical level is national leading and international advanced.

◇Strongest Levitation Ability----- “Hump Value” the proportion of the molten metal pool peak to its diameter which surpasses 3.0, Zero “Skull Rate”, no skull be formed in the crucible during melt

◇Highest melting temperature-----the maximum melting temperature is over 3100celsius,V, Nb, Mo, Ta can be melted.

◇Longest use-life of the cold crucible-----no damage to the crucible after more than 1000 runs under high temperature environment.

◇Widest range of specifications-----equipment specifications rang from 20g to 50kg.

Business Range:

◇Levitation Metallurgical Equipment production and development(Cold Crucible Induction Levitation Melting & Casting Equipment)

◇High-Tech Materials Processing and Development

◇Levitation Melting Service 


Development Goal: 

◇To reach the summit of the levitation melting industry.

◇To construct a national and world-class R & D base for levitation metallurgical technology.

◇To be a world-class melting sevice platform.

◇To be a global enterprise for levitation metallurgical equipment and high-tech materials.

Organizational Structure

Professor Zhou Lian, Academician of China Engineering Academy, 

acted as Summit's chief scientist and invested 2million yuan in SUMMIT