​Shenzhen Summit Levitation Metallurgical S&T Limited

Shenzhen Summit Levitation Metallurgical R&D Institute

Cold Crucible Levitation Melting Equipment's Structure & Function

Main Structure

Furnace Chamber, Cold Crucible, Induction Coils, Power, Operating system, Vacuum System, Cooling System, Control System, Casting System, Mould

Ultimate Vacuum

6.7×10-3 Pa ~ 6.7×10-6 Pa

Melting System

Temperature: 2000~ 3100

Melting system:

water-cooled copper crucible, crucible rack, crucible shaft, mold, mold and crucible's pipleline, mold's heater and so on which consists the core parts of the the water cooled copper crucible levitation melting technology.  


Supersonic frequency power

Smart Alarm and Safe Protection measures

  Self Cooled Cold Crucible protection(including water temperature,water pressure, power failure)

  Power protection

  Furnace protection,etc

Casting System

Tilt casting, Bottom-Pouring, Suction casting, Centrifugal casting, customizable,Continuous Ingot Pulling,or customize 

Cooling System

Closed circuit cooling circulating water system consists of Pure water, High pressure pump, Water chiller, Water storage tank, and so on 

Operating System

Pneumatic + Power driven, Manual Operation+Pneumatic + Power driven, or Manual Operation, customizable

Control system

PLC + Touch Screen or Infrared Temperature measurement + computer programmed control, Manual operation or Complete automation, customizable

mold varity:  ordinary mold, water-cooled copper mold and heating mold, the choice of the mold depends on the materials's feature, shape reqiurement,etc 

Tilt Casting Structure

Titanium Ingot & rest material after casting

Titanium Ingot produced by using Tilt Casting Structure
Tilt Casting Structure
Centrifugal Casting Structure
Suction Casting Structure

Different size of Cold Crucible

SUMMIT's cold curcible has five types under different using situation:
A,Common type
B, Complete levitation type

C,High temperature 

D,  Low temperature

E,  Customize

Advantage of SUMMIT's cold crucible

Very strong levitation ability

Withstand Over 3100 Celcius temperature 
Long life time
Easy to be check or repaire

Melting & Bottom casting system