​Shenzhen Summit Levitation Metallurgical S&T Limited

Shenzhen Summit Levitation Metallurgical R&D Institute

SUMMIT's unique technology advantages are reflected in the follows items: 

♦ Very strong levitaion melting capacity, the hump value = 2.0~3.0 (the ratio of hump height and hump diameter)
♦ No metal skull be fromed during the melting
♦ Different melting temperature selectable, max over 3100 Celcius, Cr, Zr,V,Hf, Nb,Mo, Ta and their alloys can be melted.
♦ Different melting capacity selectable, 50gram~ 50kgs;
Complete function,such as melting,bottom casting,tilt casting,feeding system,continuous ingot pulling, centrifugal casting,etc;
♦ High level of automation, utilizing PLC, simulation screen, IPC, Programme control etc;
♦ Complete security measurement, alarm and protection system, long life time of the crucible;
♦ Our equipment can be integrated other advanced material preparation technology such as zone refining, direction solidification, rapid quenching, etc

Levitating Titanium 

Ta, Mo, Nb ingot after cold crucible levitation melting, solidified in the curcible directily

Titanium ingot and a small amount (<10%

of Ti material remain in the crucible after

tilt casting

Melting temperature raising chart