​Shenzhen Summit Levitation Metallurgical S&T Limited

Shenzhen Summit Levitation Metallurgical R&D Institute

SUMMIT advantage in a number of high-quality management personnel, first-class R&D elite

Research Institute


Sheznhen Summit Research Institute
Summit was a Research Institute at the beginning, where Summit researched the levitation metallurgical technology over 10 years. Then we developed the levitation metallurgy technology and produced several sets of equipments for several enterprises. 

Most of the Summit’s experts worked in the institute. 

The research institute is R&D center even after Summit manufactory was established.

Professor Xiao Jimei,Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to work guidance. Professor Zhou Lian, Academy of Engineering, as the chief scientist, led directly to Summit's scientific research projects.

                                             Academician Xiao Jimei was guiding                                               Academician Zhou Lian was guiding titanium alloy                                                    

Mission of the Institute  

◇Research and development of levitation melting equipment

◇Research on high tech materials processing through levitation metallurgy

◇Carry out technique service work of materials preparation

Research Institute's Equipments

◇50/100g Mini levitation melting furnace, 200g simple type quartz tube levitation melting furnace, 1kg levitation melting furnace

◇Laboratory of shuttering preparation

◇Metallographic microscope, spectrophotometer, infrared thermometer, electronic balance, etc.

◇Impedance measurement, frequency measuring instrument, compound vacuum gauge, electronic oscilloscope, etc.

◇Ultrasonic cleaning apparatus, vacuum packaging machine, vacuum leak tester etc.




Scientific research supports Summit’s further development. The research projects include:

◇Research on enhancing the levitation melting temperature —— Completed, the temperature reached 3100℃, and 3600℃ in 2015

◇Improving the specification of levitation melting equipment —— Completed development of 20kg furnace equipment, 50kg furnace on developing

◇Research on combination of levitation melting between continuous drawing ingot and directional solidification —— This was accepted by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau Committee in 2014.

◇Research on combination of levitation melting between zone melting purification, gas atomization, and rapid quenching technology, etc —— in the process